replacement metal glider swivel mechanism with ring base
Replacement Glider Swivel Mechanism with Ring Base
August 19, 2014
La-Z-Boy Replacement Recliner Handle
LaZBoy Metal Lever Style Recliner Handle
August 19, 2014
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replacement glider mechanism

DuraGlide Glider Mechanism for Glider Chair


Replacement DuraGlide glider mechanism.

This is for the glider mech only. It must be used with a chair base.

This furniture part is commonly used to add the glide motion to a chair, and can be used on any chair with legs that can be removed.

This may require a high skill level to build a base to the chair frame to use this furniture motion part. This will not work with recliners unless the recliner mech was designed to work in conjunction with the type glider mech.

This unit MUST be used in combination with one of our ring bases (sold separately) or some other type of chair base to work properly.