ball bearing swivel hardware, lazy susan hardware
6.75” Ball Bearing Swivel Hardware Plate and Lazy Susan Hardware
December 13, 2015
Complete Lift Mechanism – 3Q0036 JXL Lift Base Assembly with Motor Power Supply and Handset for Lift Chairs
July 17, 2016
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power lift recliner in sage green microfiber with single motor
power lift recliner in sage green in lifted position
power lift recliner in sage green reclined

Power Lift Recliner in Sage Green Microfiber


Single Motor

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Power Lift Recliner Description

Sit back and relax in this comfortable microfiber power lift recliner. Using the built in remote you can easily raise or lower the recliner. If you yourself or a loved one needs assistance sitting or standing, the power lift recliner is the perfect device to help you or a loved one regain mobility and confidence. With the help of the recliners motor you can easily take the strain of sitting or standing from your body and let the lift recliner do the work.

Product Information

  • Overall Dimensions: W x  D x  H
  • Seat Dimensions:  W x  D x  H
  • Single Motor